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299 Interstate 45
Huntsville TX 77340

(936) 439-6688

Mon. - Sat. 7:30 am - 7:30 pm
Sunday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Closed for these major holidays: New Years Day, Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving & Christmas Day.

Huntsville Car Wash Customer Reviews

I really like the concept as well as the actual facility. The employees I've dealt with have been both courteous and friendly. The monthly plan is a really good deal. The only things that I would suggest are: While the wheel cleaning is pretty good it tends to miss a little bit around the edges of the rim They could be a little more thorough when getting the front of the hood grill and headlights. The selection of fragrance items are limited to the little tree shaped things in a vending machine
Jason Disman
13:14 20 May 18
Awesome car wash! Perfect mesh between automatic and self service. Came in around the time it first opened and the guys were friendly and helped me through the automated service selection process. Got a good cleaning and access to many interior cleaning tools. They also have raincheck service so if the rain ruins my car I can just wash it again free! Will come back again soon!
Garrick Perry
03:28 24 May 18
This place is GREAT! We got the unlimited plan, well worth it. My wife goes through about every other day. Get to jump to front of line too. Car was is automatic, just pull in put it in neutral and machines do the rest. Wife gets scared when she by herself ha ha. Does thorough cleaning job.
John Davila
21:42 20 Mar 18
Love this car wash! Everyone is so friendly here and they move fast. The vacuums work well as well as the mat cleaners. This place definitely makes having your vehicle clean a breeze.
Olivia Hernandez
03:39 09 Mar 18
So I come to this place and I'm all like "hey why are the bug marks still on my car?" And the awesome dude here be like "yeah the longer you leave bugs on cars the harder it is to get them off" but they ran my car through a second time with this bug juice and they had zero obligation to do so. 6/5 get a wash here.
Nick Eubanks
00:28 04 Mar 18
Love this place, great service and super friendly people. Only th ing I wish was different is the job the car wash does on the back of my vehicle doesn't seen to wash it well and certainly doesn't dry it. But over all I LOVE IT
Connie Kennard
17:04 29 May 18
I've been to WhiteWater several times now, and I like it. My wife's car had been neglected for a while. I took it to WhiteWater, went through the wash, and spent about 30 minutes thoroughly vacuuming and cleaning the interior. Her car looked amazing afterward.The floor mat cleaning machine was a nice surprise, and worked better than anticipated.I still have no idea how tire shine is applied while the vehicle is being washed, but it works great.
Dan A
19:55 11 Jun 18
So happy to have Whitewater in Huntsville! The guys up front, that scrub the front and direct you through are very friendly and patient. Even when they are busy, which is always, they make sure every detail is done before sending you through automatic. I am very impressed with how fast I can get in and out, even when busy! I’m not sure how they do it, but they do, and very well. Thank you for the wonderful service!!
Kim Morgan
03:48 26 Jul 18
Love love love this car wash! I got the basic wash and my car looks amazing! The guys are super nice and helpful. Totally worth the monthly deals. I’ll be back.
Ashlee Dolly
17:45 15 Aug 18
I love me some whitewater express and so does my truck! They hose the mud I collect on my dirt road off, give the bugs on the front end a scrub to loosen them up and do it all with a smile! I pass through the wash and on to the vacuums - I have the monthly pass so I vacuum for free. They even have a gizmo that shakes the dirt off of my floor mats at no extra charge. For what I pay every month it is well worth it! 2 thumbs up for whitewater express! We just bought another new car and will be adding that to the whitewater family this week! Skip scrub hub and go here!
Bobbie Bohack
13:54 06 Sep 18
Great idea! The employees are nice, friendly, and very helpful. They have free vacuums after your wash, which is a plus. My only concern was that I still had a little dirt on my windshield after the wash; but it came off easily with a rag. 9/10 experience!
Alexus Bradford
19:09 08 Oct 18
The service was outstanding! Logan was a great face to see and couldn’t have looked happier cleaning my vechicle. Recommend very much.
Kaitlyn Bornes
21:28 10 Nov 18
Very quick, free vacuums are a plus. It's as good as these car washes can get.
09:02 10 Jan 19
Decided to try this place out after Scrub Hub Car Wash ate my $10 and provided me with no car wash and never responded to my phone call about it. White Water is awesome! It was a quality car wash. It will get mud, grease and whatever else off your car. You will come out of there looking spotless. Plus, the free vacuuming & other luxuries are wonderful. The vacuums have great suction. Multiple employees stand outside the car wash assisting the process and guiding people in. Wonderful business. After getting my car washed here once, I’ve decided to become a gold carnauba wax member. Love it!
Lacey Jackson
03:48 18 Mar 19
Excellent customer service, awesome carwash, fast and love the vacuums they still run strong, love the compressed air option to it helps to dry the car better and on the vacuum, it takes all the dust out off the hard to reach areas. Prices are very reasonable, my wife and I get the monthly package for our vehicles and love it. Also very important, my truck has a lifted suspension and thick tires on it and still fits very good.
13:50 26 Feb 19
Awesome car wash. Very friendly service.
Melissa Willis
21:33 25 Feb 19
4 stars only because the automated stuff doesn't always get all the bugs. It's reasonably priced, the free vacuum service area is always kept clean. And except for when I want to go when it's dark out, they are just busy enough, that I am never kept waiting long. 😉 The young kids working the drive through always have a ready smile and look like they enjoy their jobs.
Aim M
02:56 26 Sep 19
You all one can not go wrong with the unlimited car wars plan. The folks up there are great I have a F150 and it is always clean when I get out of the car wash
Robert Barley
23:23 15 Sep 19
Best carwash around! Roman went out of his way to ensure my car was taken care of! I make a 60 mile drive just to get my car done and they make it worth it!!!
caydon barker
16:04 29 Jul 19
Great wash and phenomenal staff! Very Accommodating as well helping out my mother like they did!
Daniel Hilton
13:50 09 Sep 19
So glad that Huntsville finally got a great Car Wash. I love the option of paying a minimal fee each month in order to get a car wash every day if I would like to. The employees are always so friendly and helpful and they truly make it a great experience. Love the free vacuums and the large stalls. Thanks Whitewater for coming to Huntsville.
S Clenney
12:36 19 Apr 19
Love this car wash. Get the express pass. It's worth it
Marjorie Goldrich
03:24 13 Oct 19
Great customer service. They have everything you need to get your car cleaned and serviced. Air pumps, vacuums, car wash, floor mat cleaner and rags. Wonderful stop.
Kirsten Kloster
15:23 29 Oct 19
They always do a great job of cleaning my ride
Dwight Osteen
13:09 21 Nov 19
Great monthly rates and the staff is incredible!!
Junka Junka Love
01:50 28 Dec 19
Good wash, but need spot free rinse!
Alex H.
02:17 05 Jan 20
Has always been good. Love the way they furnish towels
Debbie Wood
22:16 08 Jan 20
I have the basic monthly wash and its great.
Monica Turner
05:56 14 Jan 20
This place is great. I love that I can just drive right up to it because I have the membership. The membership is worth every penny. Was going once every week or so when I realized that going through twice a month pays for the membership. The vacuum and everything is with the wash. They also have mat washers. One with shampoo and one without. They also have rags you can use to wipe everything clean. This place literally thinks of everything. If you go inside you can also pay for an air freshener for your car. I always recommend this place. Oh! And if you have the membership, you can go to ANY of their locations and wash.
Shelby Polk
21:50 23 Jan 20
The prices are reasonable and I my car comes out really clean. They have very powerful vacuums which is great and the service is amazing
Alicia Flores
06:32 31 Jan 20
Love that they have a monthly rate where you can wash your car as much as you want. For someone like me who's super busy and lives out in the country on a dirt road, it's a great way to keep your car clean.
Veronica H
18:24 16 Feb 20
Great price for unlimited car washes. Friendly staff, my car looked great and free strong vacuums.
James Cole
03:42 02 Mar 20
Love it just wish they had someone to help dry and vacuum but I love the convenience of thru car wash and an almost reasonable price could be just a little less for unlimited.
Gloria Moore
23:58 07 Mar 20
Nice people scrubbed down my car before going through. Good place for a car wash. I will go again.
Leigh Anne
21:07 15 Mar 20
I have a membership and love being able to wash my car whenever it needs it. Staff is always friendly and helpful.
Daiquiri Beebe
06:10 16 Mar 20
Love this wash! Everyone is s friendly and my truck is always clean after.
Dane Fredrickson
15:58 14 Sep 18
Tyler has a great attitude and very positive even with this Cowanda Virus. Keep smiling ole son.
Phone Fgas
15:53 14 Apr 20
At whitewater on 5/25/202 at 1:35pm. Not sure who’s washing my truck right now - but they need a raise! Came thru in my F150 a little dirtier than normal and the person was very thorough with the pressure washer. I really appreciate it! And hardly ever right reviews!
Keaton Bennight
18:36 25 May 20
Not bad at all. Quick and convenient, even when they're busy.
Carl Hazlewood
21:54 12 Jun 20
Great car wash! Plenty of pricing options for your wash to fit your budget, as well as a monthly subscription to wash your car as often as you want! It's quick and easy, you just don't wanna miss the tracks and remember to put your car in neutral once you're in the wash. They also have vacuums, trash cans, and a floor mat cleaner outside to use for free after your car has been cleaned! It's very affordable and convenient.
Jacob Jackson
03:56 21 Jun 20
I just love this car wash! I went to buy the unlimited plan for $19.99 and it was discounted to $14.99!! Such an amazing deal! Definitely recommend.
23:48 27 Jun 20
Great prices, equipment always works. Very few issues. If customers would hang up the vacuum hoses correctly so they don't get run over and not damage equipment through laziness or blatant disregard it would be nice. WhiteWater has a location in Spring also, uses same wash pass, so if you travel in that area its an added bonus. This place is as good as any of the wash racks in Houston. I'm glad they built in Huntsville.
18:44 18 Jul 20
Enjoy taking my vehicles to this place everything needed to clean your vehicle is there but most important the friendly staff that they have they are the greatest
Dewayne Griffin
17:17 25 Jul 20
Could it get any easier. Pay for the membership. Pull up. Gate opens. Pull thru. Exit. Done.I was a member at the "duck" establishment and this is way better!!
Adrian Zapata
22:36 26 Jul 20
I love this place. I only deducted one star because there is no family plan for multiple cars.Other than that they offer everything you need to detail your car.There are vaccines and air hoses in both sides of the bay that prevent you from having to reach over to the other side. And the free rags help with drying the outside and detailing the inside.I will actually because a member when they offer better monthly plans. Right now I just don’t go more than once a month.
Michael G
00:27 02 Aug 20
Love this wash! Everyone is s friendly and my truck is always clean after.
Dane Fredrickson
01:08 15 Sep 18
Chimerenka Okezue
20:36 20 Sep 20
Quick, easy, efficient. The day I went, the guys at the front of the line who prep your car for the wash were very nice! One guy in particular was super friendly and cheerful in his greetings.
Merr Peng
15:56 05 Nov 20
Great fast, friendly service! My car looks great and I love the free vaccums! My son and I had fun cleaning my car this afternoon 🙂
Bridget Smiley
02:28 09 Nov 20
I love whitewater express, gets my car Extremely Clean!!!But unfortunately I cancelled my membership because my windshield sticker wasn't scanned correctly and the workers were too busy to help me at the time. The only time I I was able to come get a wash was before and after work and I would always have to drop my kids off at babysitters so I missed a couple washes other than that I love whitewater express no doubt!!!!!
Laquan Tolliver
21:15 30 Aug 21
love the vacuum and the tire air machine. It was a great place. If you have a lot of bugs on your car, try to remove some yourself.
Demiesha Lewis
14:53 07 Sep 21
This place is fast and efficient. The only negative is that only one payment lane was open today. From the time I entered the line until the time I pulled around to the vacuum was right at 14 minutes. Car was clean and I was on my way with a clean and vacuumed car in 30 minutes or less.
Bob H
01:12 02 Aug 21
Great Car Wash To Go To. They Have Many Different Packages You Can Choose From & Also Offer Free Vaccume.
06:53 24 Aug 21
Somebody jumped in front of me without paying and stole my wash. The boys working let me back through and gave me the most expensive wash for free. Excellent service. Will come back again
Jessica Gannaway
05:06 24 Jul 21

What To Expect At WhiteWater Express

  • Free Vacuums

    Always Free Vacuums

    Our vacuums are always FREE! 40 horsepower, the very best!

  • airguns

    Air Guns

    We provide complimentary air guns for cleaning and drying needs, conveniently located at each stall.

  • brush

    FREE Wet or Dry Mat Cleaning Machine

    Shampoo or dry clean your mats. Fast, easy, and best of all, FREE!

  • equipment

    Innovative Equipment & Facilities

    The most state-of-the-art car wash equipment to care for your vehicle.

  • vending

    Vending Machines

    Vending machines located at every car wash.

  • towels

    Complimentary Towel Exchange

    Towels on-site for you to use and return at no charge.

  • staff

    Friendly & Professional Staff

    Our knowledgeable staff is here to ensure a pleasant experience.

  • unlimited

    Join Our Unlimited Speed Club

    Wash your car as many times you would like at any of our locations. Membership is vehicle specific.

  • rain

    Rain Check

    3 Day Rain Check available with the purchase of our White Rapids Gold Carnauba Wash.

  • charity

    Charity Car Wash

    Programs available to 501(c) organizations.


  • Free Vacuums
  • White Water Wash
  • Rinse & Flash Dry
  • Rainfall Rinse
  • Foamy Triple Color Polish
  • Super Shine Body Application
  • High Power Wheel Cleaning
  • High Intensity Flash Dry
  • Rain Repellant Glass Wax
  • High Gloss Tire Shine
  • White Rapids Gold Carnauba Wax
  • 3 Day Rain Check Guarantee
  • Ceramic Smooth
  • Ceramic Shine

Ceramic Gold Wash

$22.00 one time
$39.99 per month
  • Free Vacuums
  • White Water Wash
  • Rinse & Flash Dry
  • Rainfall Rinse
  • Foamy Triple Color Polish
  • Super Shine Body Application
  • High Power Wheel Cleaning
  • High Intensity Flash Dry
  • Rain Repellant Glass Wax
  • High Gloss Tire Shine
  • White Rapids Gold Carnauba Wax
  • 3 Day Rain Check Guarantee
  • Ceramic Smooth
  • Ceramic Shine

Carnauba Gold Wash

$18.00 one time
$29.99 per month
  • Free Vacuums
  • White Water Wash
  • Rinse & Flash Dry
  • Rainfall Rinse
  • Foamy Triple Color Polish
  • Super Shine Body Application
  • High Power Wheel Cleaning
  • High Intensity Flash Dry
  • Rain Repellant Glass Wax
  • High Gloss Tire Shine
  • White Rapids Gold Carnauba Wax
  • 3 Day Rain Check Guarantee

Class V Rapids Wash

$15.00 one time
$24.99 per month
  • Free Vacuums
  • White Water Wash
  • Rinse & Flash Dry
  • Rainfall Rinse
  • Foamy Triple Color Polish
  • Super Shine Body Application
  • High Power Wheel Cleaning
  • High Intensity Flash Dry
  • Rain Repellant Glass Wax
  • High Gloss Tire Shine

WhiteWater Wash

$11.00 one time
$19.99 per month
  • Free Vacuums
  • White Water Wash
  • Rinse & Flash Dry
  • Rainfall Rinse
  • Foamy Triple Color Polish
  • Super Shine Body Application
  • High Power Wheel Cleaning
  • High Intensity Flash Dry

Rapid Wash

$8.00 one time
$16.99 per month
  • Free Vacuums
  • White Water Wash
  • Rinse & Flash Dry

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Tomball, TX 77377

(346) 367-2500
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Each WhiteWater Express Car Wash location provides the highest quality car wash services, with professional staff to tend to your every need! Large or small, you can receive an express car wash with high-intensity tri-color polish, wheel cleaning, rainfall rinse, rain repellant glass wax, high gloss tire shine, flash dry, a 3-day rain check guarantee and always FREE Vacuums!