Your Plano Car Wash


628 Coit Road
Plano, TX 75075

(214) 504-1770

Mon. - Sat.  7:30 am - 7:30 pm
Sunday  9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Closed for these major holidays: New Years Day, Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving & Christmas Day.

Plano Car Wash Customer Reviews

Just had THE MOST AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE experience this morning. All the other reviews can tell you about the car wash but what about when you need that extra touch? Today I locked my keys in my car at Legends. Supposedly impossible with these super smart cars but it happened. So thankful for VAL and TAYLOR. They have a lock out kit that they had to dig around to find. Then they alternated helping customers that were coming in and working on the fiddly task of getting my vehicle unlocked. After about a half hour of trying, they didn't give up, they unlocked my car. My purse, keys, phone were all inside. The staff here are all super nice but today they went above and beyond and note, not at the expense of other customers, great job guys! Great customer service skills. Will definitely keep coming back and telling all my friends.
Rachel B
14:23 15 Sep 19
The staffs are amazing. Cannot remember staff name, but he had a brown hat on today. He was the last one to stay and clean up. Very nice and helpful. Will recommend this place to all of my friends. Good price for really good services. Free vacuum works great too.
Jae 제이 kim
01:42 17 Jul 19
Great Car Wash!Reasonable, lots of options, with the requisite self-vacuum areas.Despite having no detailing options, it's an excellent quality wash, even offering monthly pay/unlimited washes option.
Jessica Obermayer
12:52 28 Sep 19
When I moved to the Plano area I wanted to find a decent car wash. As a Lyft Driver it was just what I needed to keep my car clean inside and out. There’s never been a time when the equipment was broken. The staff is outstanding especially Val. He’s always smiling as well as the others. Legends is the best cat wash period!!!
15:36 22 Aug 19
We went to this car wash for the first time today because it was on the way home. I was a little hesitant because there are many car washes that offer the same wash and vacuum for $5 instead of $8 but man they made it worth it! The service was IMPECCABLE! Jalen made sure to wash our car with the big brush before it went in smiled the whole time, gave my son a lollipop and made sure to let every customer know about the mat washing area! He deserves a promotion for sure he went above and beyond and with a smile on his face. Awesome job guys!!
Brooke Hughes
00:21 27 Jul 19
This car wash recently changed hands to WhiteWater ownership and it’s been a great thing! They now provide free towels and compressed air to help clean every inch of your vehicle. Service was fantastic and they even added an additional price point for those looking for a less expensive option! Overall, great experience with additional features!
Michelle K
15:32 05 Oct 19
Staff is awesome! It was my first time there so I was a little nervous but they were so patient with me as I forgot to put my car in neutral in the car wash and I didn’t know how to use the vacuum at first. I LOVE that they have the free self-serve vacuums. I got the $10 basic wash and my car looked cleaner than the day I bought it! One of the attendants also told me that one of my brake lights was out, and he even recommended a couple places where I could get it fixed. I will be back here for sure!!
Katelyn Hill
04:22 09 Oct 19
I have been using this car wash for a while now - because I am extremely satisfied with every visit.Every time I go to WhiteWater, I am greeted by an awesome crew (Thanks Jesse T & Taylor)! These two guys always stop to talk and check on how I am doing. They are always friendly and make sure that I am satisfied with my visit.The car wash is great as well. I am always happy with the wash and the free vacuums/compressed air is a really nice touch.
Cannon Burton
20:13 17 Oct 19
I'm on the $20 a month plan and I love it! I also love the new upgrades, just wish they still had some of the long skinny vacuum tips, like maybe on every other vacuum unit or something vs the wide ones that's there now. I do love the wide tips, but the skinny ones go where the wide ones can't.
13:55 26 Oct 19
Rayne B and Taylor D was awesome! Made me feel like I can come back anytime and if I had a question about the services, they had answers! Thank you, I will be coming back more often!
E Mozie
18:14 29 Nov 19
Great carwash. I got a new car so went with the top monthly plan to keep it clean. Plenty of vacuums in all but the busiest of times and provide towels to wipe your car down after.
Andrew Harrington
18:14 15 Jan 20
I love this Car Wash & Vacit has free public vacuuming no car wash purchase needed It's easy to find it's clean well maintained they've recently installed new vacuums although this place isn't very old🤔at all. 🤜Alot of people must like it 🤛 hum...😁
Lenora len Caffey Caron
04:27 18 Feb 20
I really liked the old ownership, but this new one isn’t so bad. I have 2 cars and one of them is a soft top and can’t go through the car wash. The old ownership knew me and would let me go several times per week and vacuum my convertible because they knew that I would bring my other car there whenever it needed a wash. The new owners put up signs that make me feel like I can no longer do that. The car wash itself is good and the vacuums are ok(I liked the old managements vacuum heads better). Probably the best touch less wash in the area.
03:53 20 Feb 20
I just did a quick $10 exterior wash but the prep on the car was the done very well and it was very easy to check in and pay on their automated kiosks.
Debbie Meyers-Shock
00:39 30 May 20
Consistently clean and organized and well staffed. We like that they make towels available. Great value!
Phil Keith
20:04 27 Jun 20
I just bought a new car and of course I’d like to keep it looking as if it just came from the dealership. This car wash does just that. This place is AMAZING!I took my car to numerous different washes and this one wins. Great prices, cleans well and the tire shine is great! The staff is amazingly nice as well. After the wash, you drive to a aftercare stall. There you’ll find FREE vacuums, FREE air blasters, FREE towel exchange, and a FREE car mat shampooing. You can chose to use water or dry clean it too. It’s perfect.I bought the $30 a month package and I’m loving it. Definitely come here if you want your car to look great. Thank you WhiteWaterCW!!
Chelse Stroud
18:30 06 Jul 20
Good place, not too expensive and they are friendly here
Alina Khan
23:57 05 Jul 20
great car wash... the vacuumes are Powerful and the service is excellent 👍
T. Williams
22:25 08 Jul 20
I bought the most expensive wash, and I thought my car could have been cleaner. I didn't expect everything to come off, but better than I got. Also, most places like this have a sign that lights up when you need to put your car in N, but this one just had a guy that yelled at me when I was supposed to put my car in neutral. The vacuums were in great condition and worked well.
Tara Norkett
03:09 19 Jul 20
In a world of typically poor customer service this place is top notch! They walk around asking if you need anything and Clem put my car back in the wash when he noticed bugs left on the front while I was vacuuming. I have a membership here and l would highly recommend this car wash to anyone!!
Keilye Pampillonia
20:26 25 Jul 20
Very good car wash. I have the monthly subscription it’s worth it if you want to keep the car clean. The vacuum is awesome. They offer free towels which is great. I reduced one star because after the rinse section the air dryer starts immediately leaving no time for water to drop so after the dryer you would see some foam in the car so you need to use the towel and wipe the car in case you want to see the car spot and soap free .
Bharath Venkatachalam
21:55 29 Aug 20
This location is the best location they have in plano. The wash system is updated and clean. The wash system they are using does a good job of not missing areas or leaving soap on the car.
17:40 10 Sep 20
Great car wash
Fred Gastile
17:34 20 Sep 20
A great way to clean up my car quickly for a fair price. I can take a couple of more minutes to vacuum, clean mats and wipe down my car. They supply what I need to spruce up my car.
Diana Rawlins
23:36 10 Oct 20
The wash itself is pretty good. The nice thing is the free vacuums and towels afterwards. Not too expensive, either.
Mitchell Henry McCarsky
19:52 11 Oct 20
Overall the service from the reps is very good. The car wash is good if you have the monthly pass, specifically the premium 30$ one, however if you are going to pay for the one time wash you may be a bit dissatisfied. Reason being that the car tends to come out a bit more wet than expected, specially if you have an suv, and although it's not the end of the world paying 18$ for a one time wash is a bit extreme if you have to hand dry too. Over all 4 out of 5 only for that reason. A good perk is that the towels on site work great with the interior.
Oscar Garcia
20:46 02 Nov 20
Love this car wash! It's really popular so the free vacuums tend to fill up fairly quickly. Here's a tip: if you want to continue your journey east on Plano parkway and you don't need the vacuum, take a left after exiting the wash. You can get to Plano parkway by going behind the building. Better than blocking cars trying to get in line for the wash.
J.D. Layton
03:23 20 Nov 20
$7 for a basic car wash. Free vacuum, towels and a mat cleaner. On one side the vacuum was great on the other side it had no suction. Clean and not too crowded.
Emily McKnight
04:35 10 Nov 20
One of the best car wash in Plano easily. I chose $10 wash and they gave the free vacuums. Also they gave wet clothes to clean which was too good. I would highly recommend if you look for a quality wash for money and car. At last more friendly staffs. Would like to try their month package.
04:00 04 Apr 21
I was provided excellent customer service by an employee named Cameron at #201 on coit. First when I drove up it seemed slow so instead of just sitting around on his cell phone he was busy wiping down and cleaning. Second, the machine wouldn’t accept my credit card. Despite having a few cars come in he ran over reset the system and corrected the problem. He was very professional and courteous. That’s why I always use this car wash! Thanks Cameron!
14:14 03 Apr 21
The self service vacuum and microfiber towels are free to use even if you haven’t gone through the car wash, which is really nice. The car wash it self is very thorough even for the basic wash. They also sell car air fresheners for cheap through the vending machines. It’s always clean and has many stations so it doesn’t get crowded often.
Tara Gharavi
15:35 06 Apr 21
Loved it so much that I purchased a month to month membership!! They have microfiber towels that anyone can use and an air compressor hose at each station which really helps with detailing!!!
Keren Glenn
01:00 26 Jan 21
It was a very busy day with so many wanting to clean their cars after the big snow. The employees kept the line moving quickly. The grounds and facility were clean and tidy.
11:43 23 Feb 21
Amazing service! Very kind employees. Excellent experience!EDIT: After coming back nearly two years later, this somehow already amazing car wash got even better. I wish I could rate it 6 stars.
Alex Jones
16:36 24 Jul 21
I’ve been looking for a good car wash for 6 months. Out of 5 I’ve tried this is the best job and I will be back.It is much better than Clean N Shine as it is a much more thorough clean
David Jeffs
21:47 24 Sep 21
This is my favorite car wash. They have the best car wash prices for what you receive, clean fresh towels that are complimentary, on top of a station where you can wash and clean your car rugs on site as well. I never go to car wash places to get my car washed and cleaned for me. I come right here, okay my music and enjoy cleaning my car myself.
Mature Minded Millennials
21:55 16 Sep 21
Good car wash. Have vacuums and cloths available to clean your car. Got a medium wash but the employee only brushed part of the windshield and back window. So bugs did not come off front. Also although tires were supposed to be treated, they appeared about the same.
John Macaulay
21:07 15 Jul 22
The staff are perfect, especially the managers they are so professional and so polite. I always wash my car there and they never disappointed me.Today the machine was down on one of the branches, they sent me to the other branch and they were so professional handling the issue.
Yousef Kokash
22:27 23 Jul 22
Great car wash that is very affordable. Staff is very helpful, and the line goes quick. The free vacuums are convenient as well.
Zachary Dickey
11:59 12 Jul 22
Best car wash establishment around! I’ve been going to this location since it was called Legends Express and have never been disappointed. I have the unlimited membership and I definitely use it. The staff are absolutely amazing with a great attitude all the time! The wash tunnel is quick and effective and the free vacuums, mat cleaners, etc are great. I will say, it gets quite busy in the evening hours and on weekends, so plan accordingly. Sometimes, when it gets busy they squeeze cars really close together in the tunnel, which can sometimes be a bit scary. Other than that, worth every penny!
Sid Vadlamani
16:08 25 Feb 22
Immaculate customer service! I had visited various car wash establishments in the area however, the staff members never seemed connected or concerned with their clientele. Once I visited WhiteWater Express, I was both impressed and convinced.Impressed by: Site cleanliness, Staff Friendliness, Site Amenities, All of the vacuums actually worked, Staff members actually had uniforms and wore them properly (showing a sense of pride in their personal appearance), Price for Services was "top notch!" I had not experienced this "attention to detail" from a car wash establishment since I lived in Lake Forest Illinois (1990s). I thought I was in a "time warp" as I have found a societal VOID in these Prized Business Characteristics.Convinced: This was the "New Standard" - so I purchased the Unlimited Membership and have never looked back. The perfect investment for anyone looking for; a proper setting, great customer experience, effective Return-On-Investment and excellent outcome (a clean car and NO DRAMA). My thanks to the staff and the owner(s).
Sire Lando
21:21 11 Aug 22
My mom has their membership and recommended it to me. I decided to give it a try. I signed up for a membership. However I couldn't get used to moving my car into the wash without worrying about it flattening my tires. 😅😅😅 Not their fault. It was just something I could never get used to, which is why I always used those self service ones. But they helped me and were very patient even though I was about to give up and peel away. I liked their vacuums because they have this thing where you can clamp it so it was really convenient that I could vacuum without bending my back so much. I told the manager I couldn't get used to their car wash and asked if there were any plans for me to just pay for using their vacuum. He said there was not but that I could use the vacuum any time. I really liked how the manager was polite, courteous, professional, generous and patient. And that he didn't make me feel totally idiotic for not being able to go through a single car wash. That definitely set a lasting impression on me cuz I can't remember the last time I've had the highest quality service. Please thank him for me and give him a high raise. He deserves it. 😊😊😊😊😊
Rose Queen
00:09 02 Aug 22
Been enjoying the experience thus far. The DIY approach hasnt worked well for me, this has surely kept my car looking pretty most of the time. Got a Ceramic wash upgrade too, on a trial basis. Love the powerful vaccums that help keep my carpets clean. I would surely recommend it!
Rajesh Vijayarajan
15:48 01 Nov 21

What To Expect At WhiteWater Express

  • Free Vacuums

    Always Free Vacuums

    Our vacuums are always FREE! 40 horsepower, the very best!

  • airguns

    Air Guns

    We provide complimentary air guns for cleaning and drying needs, conveniently located at each stall.

  • brush

    FREE Wet or Dry Mat Cleaning Machine

    Shampoo or dry clean your mats. Fast, easy, and best of all, FREE!

  • equipment

    Innovative Equipment & Facilities

    The most state-of-the-art car wash equipment to care for your vehicle.

  • vending

    Vending Machines

    Vending machines located at every car wash.

  • towels

    Complimentary Towel Exchange

    Towels on-site for you to use and return at no charge.

  • staff

    Friendly & Professional Staff

    Our knowledgeable staff is here to ensure a pleasant experience.

  • unlimited

    Join Our Unlimited Speed Club

    Wash your car as many times you would like at any of our locations. Membership is vehicle specific.

  • rain

    Rain Check

    3 Day Rain Check available with the purchase of our White Rapids Gold Carnauba Wash.

  • charity

    Charity Car Wash

    Programs available to 501(c) organizations.


  • Free Vacuums
  • White Water Wash
  • Rinse & Flash Dry
  • Rainfall Rinse
  • Foamy Triple Color Polish
  • Super Shine Body Application
  • High Power Wheel Cleaning
  • High Intensity Flash Dry
  • Rain Repellant Glass Wax
  • High Gloss Tire Shine
  • White Rapids Gold Carnauba Wax
  • 3 Day Rain Check Guarantee
  • Ceramic Smooth
  • Ceramic Shine

Ceramic Gold Wash

$22.00 one time
$39.99 per month
  • Free Vacuums
  • White Water Wash
  • Rinse & Flash Dry
  • Rainfall Rinse
  • Foamy Triple Color Polish
  • Super Shine Body Application
  • High Power Wheel Cleaning
  • High Intensity Flash Dry
  • Rain Repellant Glass Wax
  • High Gloss Tire Shine
  • White Rapids Gold Carnauba Wax
  • 3 Day Rain Check Guarantee
  • Ceramic Smooth
  • Ceramic Shine

Carnauba Gold Wash

$18.00 one time
$32.99 per month
  • Free Vacuums
  • White Water Wash
  • Rinse & Flash Dry
  • Rainfall Rinse
  • Foamy Triple Color Polish
  • Super Shine Body Application
  • High Power Wheel Cleaning
  • High Intensity Flash Dry
  • Rain Repellant Glass Wax
  • High Gloss Tire Shine
  • White Rapids Gold Carnauba Wax
  • 3 Day Rain Check Guarantee

Class V Rapids Wash

$15.00 one time
$26.99 per month
  • Free Vacuums
  • White Water Wash
  • Rinse & Flash Dry
  • Rainfall Rinse
  • Foamy Triple Color Polish
  • Super Shine Body Application
  • High Power Wheel Cleaning
  • High Intensity Flash Dry
  • Rain Repellant Glass Wax
  • High Gloss Tire Shine

White Water Wash

$11.00 one time
$19.99 per month
  • Free Vacuums
  • White Water Wash
  • Rinse & Flash Dry
  • Rainfall Rinse
  • Foamy Triple Color Polish
  • Super Shine Body Application
  • High Power Wheel Cleaning
  • High Intensity Flash Dry

Rapid Wash

$8.00 one time
Not Available
  • Free Vacuums
  • White Water Wash
  • Rinse & Flash Dry