Your Telge Road Car Wash


14024 Telge Road
Cypress, TX 77429

(832) 220-6439

Mon. - Sat. 7:30 am - 7:30 pm
Sunday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Closed for these major holidays: New Years Day, Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving & Christmas Day.

Telge Road Car Wash Customer Reviews

Customer service is exceptional! Cameron cleaned all the bugs off of my car after a long road trip so that I only had to go through the wash once! Then he checked in with me later to make sure I was satisfied!
Stephanie Schaefer
01:50 15 May 18
This is one of the most efficient car washes I have been to in Houston.Highlights for me on my visit was:-There was an attendant there to give the from of your vehicle a wash with wash broom before it entered car wash-Drive through car wash sponges and the sort was clean so did not scratch paint on car-Drive through alone gives your car a good wash- Power of vacuums was good-Has an air blower to get in the small places so one can blow dirt and dust then vacuum it up-It has a parking bay reserved for the disabled-Clean environment
Br Eg
17:40 24 May 18
I am so happy to have you guys so close to home. I was there and Cameron helped me out and explained my car wash plan options. You now have a loyal customer. Free vacuums is a plus.
nahu godoy
17:40 14 May 18
Always great. This is a drive through wash, with free vacuums and love the compressed at each station. Love ???? love the free mat shampooers
Tom Thompson
22:03 21 May 18
I had a great first experience! After my car wash Cameron made sure to come check up on me to make sure my wash went well. Awesome customer service!
Alan Martinez
01:51 16 May 18
This is my new favorite place. I love the floor mat cleaners. Very neat and for free!
Joey Brunson
02:57 17 Jun 18
Wow! This is the best drive through car wash I have ever used, and I’ve used a lot! My car was extremely dirty after a month of traveling and rainy weather and this place got it super Clean. Normally you might have to touch up som spots that the brushes don’t get but not st this place. Nice shine and even the wheels came out clean. The place is nice and clean and the vacuum is beyond powerful. The employees are friendly and helpful too. Don’t waste time and money on any other place.
Gabriel Slape
17:28 24 Feb 19
I can't say enough good things about this place. Their most basic wash is $9 but I usually pay $13 for the next one up that leaves my tires super shiny. They wash everything on the outside and you have the choice to use their free vacuums afterwards. I have three dogs that frequently ride in my car and I can assure you that their vacuums are perfect for dog hair! They also have an air hose to blast dirt out of small cracks. I'll bring my own armor all wipes and wipe everything down myself after I finish vacuuming. If you're anything like me you'll love it here. I've gotten details in the past but have never been completely satisfied! I'd much rather dedicate an hour of my day and do it myself properly 🙂
05:36 16 Feb 19
Great great great! The guys here are so nice. Prices are great.
23:12 13 Mar 19
Great car wash experience with highly motivated crew. The staff are very helpful and will prep your fender wells if you ask. Will certainly come back here.
Peter Adossi
21:02 14 Nov 18
Very helpful staff. New facility. Really appreciate the equipment to clean car mats. Have multiple memberships.
Suneel Mandava
12:31 22 Dec 18
Kalen is always so pleasant and gives you a big smile " Welcome to Whitewater". He comes over and ask if no cars not in drive thru, is there anything else can be offered to make experience greater. You don't get this service from employees. His attitude is AWESOME and contagious. A great experience !
Megan Donaldson
23:08 06 May 19
Chris and Chase were so nice, they noticed sticker residue on my windshield that I had been aggravated about for weeks and took the time to spray it, scrub it, and work on it for several minutes, and got it completely off. Love this carwash with the extra attention at the beginning that really helps get the bugs off! Great employees, great results, love whipping through the entrance with the unlimited pass!
Gina Bahr
03:15 31 Jul 19
Good place to clean car/truck. Good value and good staff.
Tim Oakley
17:24 22 Sep 19
PGreat place!!! Excellent service, ALL of the people are super friendly! Love the air nozzles to blow the water out of the cracks and the vacuums are super strong. My stepdad had been a long time customer of another place. I told him about WhiteWater and after the first try he immediately switched!!!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
12:07 27 Jul 19
Great Carwash! Kalen always goes above and beyond to make sure he gets it clean
Casey Schulin
21:56 22 Sep 19
Brendan Puckett did an amazing job removing the bird "debris" and bugs after returning from Austin. He went above and beyond.
Maureen Markiewicz
18:49 08 Sep 19
Good value for a car wash and employees are always very professional. I have had a wash package for a couple years and have never had an issue. Facility is always clean and makes a great presentation.
Ken Weingart
19:44 05 Dec 19
Absolutely love the service here. My car always looks great! The staff is super courteous and friendly, and they do a wonderful job. It's the only car wash I ever go to!
Arlene Goldstein
02:03 06 Dec 19
I have been a loyal plan member at WhiteWater Express for the past two years. While all the WhiteWater locations produce great results, my favorite location is Telge due to the uplifting atmosphere. The store is always immaculately kept and the employees really go above and beyond to make your car wash experience superb. The general manager, Treigh, always has a smile on his face. He takes the extra time to make sure your car comes out clean. I appreciate the hard work that each person puts in at the Telge store and I want to make sure they know they’re making a difference each day. I look forward to stopping in for weekly car washes.
Alex W
03:32 09 Dec 19
Great place and cheaper to sign up with a monthly plan.
colin Briggs
20:10 21 Dec 19
This location is top notch experience. I bring a very dirty work truck in there from job sites and they take the time as a team to prewash it before it goes into the car wash. It is the extra steps and attention to detail I love. Always smiling and very helpful to make sure my needs are always satisfied
Jereme Wade R
15:13 24 Jan 20
My favorite place to wash the car. You also get vacuums after the wash, the facility is top notch. You can get a membership and go to any of their locations.
Pam Jackson
05:27 01 Feb 20
Nice clean place, strong vacuums!
Zeshaan Alikhan
18:54 03 Sep 17
Amazing service! Always greeted with a smile, such friendly staff, gives a nice personalized experience to your basic drive thru wash. They have $3 off every wash right now too since they have their vacuums closed, and some other deals on washes! Feels good to support local business and be able to talk to someone while you’re going to get your car cleaned 🙂
Brooke Schumacher
19:38 09 Apr 20
Get a simple wash for $10 and then stay for 30 mins with the air hose and high-powered vacuums to get the inside looking as good as the outside.
S Knight
05:13 06 Apr 20
Employees are always nice and helpful. I have been washing my car since here since they have opened and I am very happy with the service provided and my clean car. Highly recommend.
Lenny Nunez
15:18 10 Jul 20
A great neighborhood car wash. Everyone is polite and the wash is good. Vacuum, compressed air, complimentary towels and 2 mat washing machines round out the amenities. Car wash club prices are really cheap if you even use them just once a week. Great value!
Derek Heaton
17:38 10 Jul 20
Love this place ! And my clean truck !
Mike Schermerhorn
23:07 20 Jul 20
Whitewater is a good place to wash your car. Their staff is very friendly and helpful.
Raymond Guerrero
16:30 01 Aug 20
Excellent place to wash your vehicle. Very friendly staff. They are always there if you need help with anything. Great wash packages too.
Daniel Martin
18:25 07 Aug 20
Treigh and Brandon were excellent! Their customer service was exceptional and they were intentional about checking to make sure that I was satisfied with my experience!
K Ps
00:33 03 Sep 20
Nice customer service! I had lots of bugs from a road trip and they worked them all off.
holly loncaric
21:33 14 Sep 20
This place is great. I'm a subscriber and find that the staff is so great, the vacuum stations are first class.
Tobi Gourley
00:22 19 Sep 20
Very nicely maintained and friendly owners
Marco Calvo
13:29 08 Sep 20
Amazing options. Would recommend for truck lovers. Bit expensive if not a monthly member.
Nate Oehring
18:06 15 Nov 20
This is the best car wash ever. The people that work there are so nice. They have free vacuuming and even given wet rags to wipe with which is a plus. Love the car wash!!!!!!
Judy & Dan Schrott
19:50 11 Nov 20
Great place. Clean, and they do a great job.vacuums as well as damp towels available for free. Not everybody has damp towels and they are a necessity for cleaning the inside of the car and the glass etc. They also have high-speed air Jets where you can clean behind the trim on your car and get the water out. Just a great place
jay ell
20:13 09 Apr 21
Excellent car wash! Their pricing is alright and my car is always nice and shiny afterwards. Their complimentary vacuums and towels also go a long way in really cleaning out my car. Customer service is also pretty good.
Rahul Sankar
22:14 26 Mar 21
Treigh was a great attendant. He was very knowledgeable on what the car wash offers, friendly and professional. Great customer service
Trinity Blue
22:43 27 Apr 21
Been both a customer and employee here. Very friendly easy going staff. When issues do arise with the wash, the staff is usually already trying to fix it and they also offer a free rewash if the customer is unsatisfied with their first wash. 10/10 establishment
Adam Sevin
03:31 25 May 21
It's a great wash, affordable prices, free vacuums for the inside of your car, I'd go again!
Goldy 365
22:38 31 May 21
Awesome place and affordable monthly package, they give free towels and free mat cleaning what else do you need.
yasir jamal
23:15 25 May 21
Great car wash! Always extremely clean and the vacuums ALWAYS work very well!! Employees are always welcoming and will help with anything - A+
18:33 06 Sep 21
This is our favorite place to wash our cars. The mat washing machine is great and so are the free microfiber towels. I use them for everything from my windows – inside and out – to my tires.
Elizabeth Haynes
15:40 10 Sep 21
Machine to pay for service was easy to use. My truck was definitely washed good. Must of the pine needles stuck in my hood flew out. The vacuums are amazing. So far, white water express is my favorite carwash.
Chrystal S.
19:18 05 Oct 21
The staff went above and beyond when I pulled up today to get my car washed. The front of my car was covered in black bugs and without me even asking they had me stay back so they could completely get everything off before I went thru the wash. Made my day that these young men are so proactive with their jobs.
Mamie Bittick
20:56 07 Oct 21
Cheap, fun, and valuable. Personnel is always welcoming and helpful. You need to clean your car inside so bring some energy to clean, but they do a great job outside.
Elena Knutson
21:21 23 Jan 22
If you are fast paced like me then this is just perfect I pay 30 a month for unlimited wash and free vacuuming and mat cleaning. I was paying for car washes with Buc-ees once every two weeks to a week this is just about as much just unlimited, so better. The wash is shorter which is a drag but it does what needs to be done.
00:46 13 Jan 22
Have driven by this place a couple years. This was not my primary car wash place. When my contract is up I am definitely going to give this place regular business
Jeff Robertson
22:26 06 Dec 21

What To Expect At WhiteWater Express

  • Free Vacuums

    Always Free Vacuums

    Our vacuums are always FREE! 40 horsepower, the very best!

  • airguns

    Air Guns

    We provide complimentary air guns for cleaning and drying needs, conveniently located at each stall.

  • brush

    FREE Wet or Dry Mat Cleaning Machine

    Shampoo or dry clean your mats. Fast, easy, and best of all, FREE!

  • equipment

    Innovative Equipment & Facilities

    The most state-of-the-art car wash equipment to care for your vehicle.

  • vending

    Vending Machines

    Vending machines located at every car wash.

  • towels

    Complimentary Towel Exchange

    Towels on-site for you to use and return at no charge.

  • staff

    Friendly & Professional Staff

    Our knowledgeable staff is here to ensure a pleasant experience.

  • unlimited

    Join Our Unlimited Speed Club

    Wash your car as many times you would like at any of our locations. Membership is vehicle specific.

  • rain

    Rain Check

    3 Day Rain Check available with the purchase of our White Rapids Gold Carnauba Wash.

  • charity

    Charity Car Wash

    Programs available to 501(c) organizations.


  • Free Vacuums
  • White Water Wash
  • Rinse & Flash Dry
  • Rainfall Rinse
  • Foamy Triple Color Polish
  • Super Shine Body Application
  • High Power Wheel Cleaning
  • High Intensity Flash Dry
  • Rain Repellant Glass Wax
  • High Gloss Tire Shine
  • White Rapids Gold Carnauba Wax
  • 3 Day Rain Check Guarantee
  • Ceramic Smooth
  • Ceramic Shine

Ceramic Gold Wash

$22.00 one time
$39.99 per month
  • Free Vacuums
  • White Water Wash
  • Rinse & Flash Dry
  • Rainfall Rinse
  • Foamy Triple Color Polish
  • Super Shine Body Application
  • High Power Wheel Cleaning
  • High Intensity Flash Dry
  • Rain Repellant Glass Wax
  • High Gloss Tire Shine
  • White Rapids Gold Carnauba Wax
  • 3 Day Rain Check Guarantee
  • Ceramic Smooth
  • Ceramic Shine

Carnauba Gold Wash

$18.00 one time
$29.99 per month
  • Free Vacuums
  • White Water Wash
  • Rinse & Flash Dry
  • Rainfall Rinse
  • Foamy Triple Color Polish
  • Super Shine Body Application
  • High Power Wheel Cleaning
  • High Intensity Flash Dry
  • Rain Repellant Glass Wax
  • High Gloss Tire Shine
  • White Rapids Gold Carnauba Wax
  • 3 Day Rain Check Guarantee

Class V Rapids Wash

$15.00 one time
$24.99 per month
  • Free Vacuums
  • White Water Wash
  • Rinse & Flash Dry
  • Rainfall Rinse
  • Foamy Triple Color Polish
  • Super Shine Body Application
  • High Power Wheel Cleaning
  • High Intensity Flash Dry
  • Rain Repellant Glass Wax
  • High Gloss Tire Shine

WhiteWater Wash

$11.00 one time
$19.99 per month
  • Free Vacuums
  • White Water Wash
  • Rinse & Flash Dry
  • Rainfall Rinse
  • Foamy Triple Color Polish
  • Super Shine Body Application
  • High Power Wheel Cleaning
  • High Intensity Flash Dry

Rapid Wash

$8.00 one time
$16.99 per month
  • Free Vacuums
  • White Water Wash
  • Rinse & Flash Dry

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Tomball, TX 77377

(346) 367-2500
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Each WhiteWater Express Car Wash location provides the highest quality car wash services, with professional staff to tend to your every need! Large or small, you can receive an express car wash with high-intensity tri-color polish, wheel cleaning, rainfall rinse, rain repellant glass wax, high gloss tire shine, flash dry, a 3-day rain check guarantee and always FREE Vacuums!